Affiliate Program

As part of our ongoing improvements, we have launched an Affiliate Program.

This is a Program where you can refer new customers to us, and earn credit from each successful sign-up.  Once the customer has successfully signed up to the billing system, and has been with us for 30 days, your account is credited with 15% of the new customers’ payment.

This is not a one-off payment Program; for as long as the customer remains with us, you will receive 15% of their payments, whether they pay monthly, quarterly, or annually!

The Details

How will it benefit me?
For every person you refer, if they sign up as a customer, you will receive credit in your account for 15% of the value of the new customers’ payment.  This means that if enough customers are referred, then your hosting could eventually become free!

How do I join up?
The Program works through the new billing system (  For customers who currently use this billing system, there is an option on your account to "Activate as an Affiliate".  If you don’t currently use this billing system, please contact our Support team and we will be happy to transfer your billing account.  You can then activate your account as an affiliate in exactly the same way.

So what happens then?
Once you've been activated as an affiliate you'll get a unique affiliate link which you can use via email or place on your website.  Visitors clicking the link will be directed to our website, where they can select from any of our web hosting products.  The unique link ensures that payments are credited to the correct account.  We can also supply banners for your website if you require.

What if they don’t sign-up straight away?
They will receive a cookie that stores the fact that they came through your link for 30 days. So if someone clicks through via your affiliate link, leaves, and then signs up for an account within the next 30 days, you will still receive your affiliate commission.

How do I spend my credit?
Credit will be released into your account 30 days after we receive the customers’ payments.  All credit is only valid to be spent within our billing system.  The billing system keeps track of your available credit, and any invoices that are due will automatically use this credit first before requiring any payment from you. Please note you have to reach a total of 25USD before the payout is made.

Where can I get the logo's
Download Here

Here is the sample Page
Sample Banner

Above is the code needed to display the SWF file and below is the javascript needed to make it animated.